Ellen Cushman, Eugene R. Kintgen, Barry Kroll, and Mike Rose (Eds.)
Published by Bedford Books of St. Martin’s Press
ISBN 978-0312250423            

From the book jacket

This widely used collection of both landmark and current essays provides a comprehensive overview of the major themes and questions that shape literacy studies today. Literacy: A Critical Sourcebook is an indispensable reference tool for anyone interested in the field of literacy studies. The thirty-eight essays cover the following areas: Technologies for Literacy; Literacy, Knowledge, and Cognition; Histories of Literacy in the United States; Literacy Development; Culture and Community; Power, Privilege, and Discourse; and Mobilizing Literacy: Work and Social Change. 

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Literacy: A Critical Sourcebook

Praise for Literacy: A Critical Sourcebook

“This book will redraw the field of literacy studies. The editors’ vision and care are everywhere present – in the organizational categories they offer, in their thoughtful juxtaposition of chapters, in their well-crafted introduction and overview of the field. Anyone interested in literacy theory and practice will want to own this book.”
Glynda Hull, University of California, Berkeley

“This text is more than a collection of carefully selected chapters; it constructs a critical and historical review of the understandings and uses of literacy and provides an intellectual landscape of literacy studies today.”
Kris D. Gutierrez, University of California, Los Angles

“When I looked at the table of contents I thought to myself: ‘perfect!’ I’m thrilled to think that my students and I will have access to this collection. What’s critical to its success are the readings, and they’re extremely well chosen.”
Lisa Ede, Oregon State University

“Literacy: A Critical Sourcebook is an incredibly useful and convenient resource in literacy studies that brings together the articles that are instrumental to our thinking as we continue to define the field and direct our work.”
Jacqueline Jones Royster, Ohio State University