Praise for Critical Strategies for Academic Thinking and Writing

“Critical Strategies is the most theoretically informed and well-developed writing textbook I’ve seen, yet it remains an approachable, workable classroom text.”
Michael S. Greer, Illinois State University

“I am astounded at how artfully the authors have blended the three key skills acquisitions – critical thinking, writing, and reading – into a thoughtful, unified presentation that would serve any freshman English course.”
Robert Rimes, Cuyamaca College

“It is the only book I know that accurately duplicates writing assignments in other disciplines. It’s the only text I’ve found completely satisfactory.”
Robin Jeffers, Don Bosco Technical Institute

“A truly comprehensive text; invaluable for writing-across-the-disciplines courses.”
Tom Spencer-Walters, California State University, Northridge

Third Edition
Mike Rose and Malcolm Kiniry
Published by Bedford Books of St. Martin’s Press
ISBN 978-0312115616            

From the book jacket

Critical Strategies for Academic Thinking and Writing, Third Edition, is a text and reader that gets to the heart of what is so essential for success in college but is so hard for students to develop. Based on years of research on the reading and writing demands of the college curriculum, Critical Strategies teaches students the six thinking and writing strategies necessary for college-level work in any discipline and gives them practice with the kinds of material they'll use in a variety of college courses. Edited by Mal Kiniry and Mike Rose, the streamlined third edition gives students more help and guidance to develop competence and confidence with academic work. 
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Critical Strategies for Academic Thinking & Writing