Mike Rose
Published by Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press
ISBN 978-0312444747 

From the book jacket

An Open Language chronicles the development of one of the most widely read and influential writers in the fields of literacy and education. Mike Rose has chosen 28 pieces from his work, spanning 1979 to the present. The collection covers a wide range of topics: the writing process and the teaching of writing, remedial education, the nature of intelligence, work and cognition, social class, research methodology in education and the social sciences, the place of public education in a democratic society, and writing for a general audience. Rose contextualizes each selection with detailed commentary that illuminates the historical, cultural, and personal issues at stake in his research and writing. The commentary adds to the time, place and purpose of the piece, the writing and research behind it, and the author's thoughts about it now. 
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Praise for An Open Language

"Mike Rose is good company…. If you want to think about writing, research methods, social justice, and the purposes of education within a democracy, take Rose's book, put up your feet, and settle down for a good read."
Sondra Perl, Newsletter of the National Writing Project

"We see unfold in this volume Mike Rose's career as the best kind of public intellectual, an academic who melds thoughtful, rigorous research, an untouchable gift for writing, a bedrock belief in human potential, and a deep desire to make difference in the world through accessible words of potent action."
Glynda Hull, University of California, Berkeley

"Mike Rose's respect for the intelligence of students, his awareness of how, for many, school can be less an opening up than a closing down of opportunity, the clarity of his writing, his frank willingness to share the experiences that underlie and drive his work, the scruples of his research and the generosity of his mind – these are values that as teachers of writing we should all aspire to."
Joseph Harris, Duke University

"At a time when research is becoming more and more predictable, and when it is addressed to increasingly specialized audiences, Mike Rose provides the striking example of a scholar who can think beyond the expected and who has the ambition to write for the nation. He does this with great integrity and great success. It is quite a story."
David Bartholomae, University of Pittsburgh

"This volume offers a vivid picture of a teacher and scholar at work."
Min-Zhan Lu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"As anyone familiar with Rose's work knows, the mode of his writing is not the manifesto, but rather the coffee-shop conversation – he works from humble possibilities of the moment, the emergent pedagogical opportunity.…Rose's entire body of work offers a rich set of examples for how one might move beyond critique into possibility. After spending even a little bit of time in the company of An Open Language, it will be difficult for you to imagine that because Rose seldom assumes the posture of angry critic, he isn't paying attention – you'll notice, in fact (if you're paying attention) that paying attention is one of the things that Mike Rose does best."
Julie Lindquist, College English

An Open Language: Selected Writing on Literacy, Learning and Opportunity